Volunteering with the PCC

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved

Please let us know where you’d like to plug in. You can help with:

  • Peer counselling
  • Using gifts/talents to help with media production and other projects
  • Donating baby and/or maternity items
  • Volunteering to assist with special events
  • Being a PGPCC church representative 
  • Assisting with office tasks and writing or editing
  • Using your professional gifts and resources in an advisory capacity
  • Becoming a board member
  • Becoming a prayer partner for this ministry

Volunteer Process

In-Office and Peer Counsel Volunteers

Volunteers who wish to work in our office go through an application process including reference checks and an interview. We then offer training, allowing volunteers to become oriented to our mission and vision. This training also provides accurate information surrounding Pregnancy Care Ministry. After that point, volunteers can be present around clients. Ongoing training prepares volunteers for interaction as peer counselors who walk with our clients. Some of our volunteers simply come in and care for our office space-watering plants, doing filing and tasks like computer maintenance. From stuffing envelopes to peer counseling, our team of volunteers makes it all possible.

As a Christian Ministry, in-office volunteers are expected to agree with our statement of faith and to be growing in their walk with Christ.

Special Projects Volunteers

Special projects come up during the year-perhaps your talents could be used during our Banquet or producing media (photos, brochures, banners etc.) We would love to talk to you about those possibilities. Pregnancy Care Ministry training is not required for this, nor is agreement with our statement of faith. We will provide orientation to our vision and mission as needed.

Would you like to be involved?

Let us know what your talent is and how you would like to help by contacting us at 250-562-4464 or info@pgpcc.ca.