Help @ Home

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your pregnancy or post-partum experience, we are here to help. 

We have volunteers willing to do your laundry, clean your kitchen, your bathroom, and your floors. Additionally, our volunteers can provide support, encouragement, and adult conversation. As always, our services are free and confidential.

How does it work?

Connect with us. You can call or text 250-981-2444. If you are receiving help from a social support organization in town, they can connect on your behalf.

We do an intake conversation: The team we are sending to help will do an interview so that we know a little about you, and you know a little about us before we show up at your door. We prefer this to be in person.

We send two people to help you: We will spend up to two hours per visit to help out around your home, and provide adult conversation and support. 

Are you eligible?

Are you a pregnant woman?  Yes, you are eligible.

Are you a parent to an infant under a year old?  Yes, you are eligible.

How Often?

We will do up to three visits before Birth, and three visits after birth. If you are needing more support, we will work with you to find it.

Is there a cost?

No. This is a free service!


If you are a service provider orsupport organization you can refer eligible clients. Contact us for more information on how to connect your clients to this service.