About the PGPCC

Vision Statement

The Pregnancy Care Centre will be the place for those who are faced with unplanned pregnancies or pregnancy loss to find respect, healing, love and a unique perspective on life choices.

Mission Statement

To be a safe, respectful organization that gives compassionate support and accurate information on pregnancy options, sexual health, and post-abortion care.

About Us

Our goal is to serve the community of Prince George by supporting those individuals facing unplanned pregnancies by providing accurate information on all the options open to them as well as a safe place in which to discuss them and come to a decision.  We help, birth mothers as they go through their pregnancies and move toward parenting or adoption placement. We offer help to families by providing practical supplies for both pregnant women and infants. We offer a variety of post-abortion options for those who are struggling or need a place to talk about their experience. We also are able to provide information and programming around abstinence.

We believe in the value of human life and the power of God to bring change and healing. We are committed to our love for the women we see.

The Pregnancy Care Center is a registered non-profit Christian charitable organization. Our resources come from groups and individuals who support our concerns; because of this, our services are free of charge. Our center does not generate its income from the women it serves and thereby avoids conflict of interest.

The Pregnancy Care Centre is governed by a board of directors, administered by an Executive Director and staffed by trained volunteers. We are affiliated with the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS). CAPSS serves to provide our standard of training and care. Our connection with CAPSS allows us to receive resources, support, and encouragement as we connect on a national level.

Until November 2015 the Pregnancy Care Centre was known as the Prince George Crisis Pregnancy Centre.