Update: 2018-10-29

Dear Supporter,

My name is Jared White and I have recently been appointed as the acting Executive Director of the Prince George Pregnancy Care Centre.

It is my great pleasure to invite you to a joint fundraising event on Thursday, November 29th, intended to open a new crisis pregnancy centre in Prince George!

Next week you will be receiving an invitation in the mail (view it here) to this event which is a partnership between Prince George Pregnancy Care Center and Advokate Life & Education Services. Advokate is a registered charity that runs two pregnancy care centres in the Fraser Valley and we are so excited to partner with them to re-birth a much-needed pregnancy care ministry here in Prince George.

We are also excited to welcome Shawn Carney as our keynote speaker. Shawn is the inspirational co-founder of 40 Days for Life. You won't want to miss his amazing stories of success ending abortion worldwide!

Seating is limited and we expect a sell-out crowd, so we encourage you to RSVP as soon as possible. General seating is free but please consider sponsoring a table. 

Tables of 8 start at $250 and come with some special perks! View the invitation for more details. 

You can RSVP by calling 250-562-4464, emailing miar@hopeforwomen.ca or by texting "banquet" to 604 832 6311.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Jared White
Executive Director
Prince George Pregnancy Services
Advokate Life & Education Services

PS: Your participation in this year's banquet will help create a brand new crisis pregnancy centre in Prince George!


Update: 2018-10-12

We are in the initial stages of a partnership with Hope for Women from Abbotsford and Langley. They plan on holding a fundraiser on Thursday, November 29 and hope to open a location here in Prince George sometime in 2019. Stay tuned ...



Dear Churches, Supporters, Friends, Family, and Clients,

After more than two decades of operation, August 2nd, 2018 will be the last day that the Prince George Pregnancy Care Centre is open to serve clients. I want to let you know exactly what is happening, how we got to this point, and where we might go from here.

I want to take a moment here to thank everyone who gave faithfully to our ministry over the last two decades. Your support in time, money, prayer and resources has had an impact on lives that numbers can't begin to measure. There are people who know and love Jesus because of you. There are children who are now loved and adored who may not have survived. There are wounded hearts that have found healing. There are families who have received much-needed material support. This is the work that Jesus set before the church and I'm proud that I had the opportunity to partner with you to carry out this good work.

On Monday, July 9th we had a budget committee meeting followed by a board meeting. At this meeting, we decided that we had no alternative other than to close. We chose August 2nd as our last client day on the advice of our Executive Director. Our staff have been notified and termination notices sent. They will remain employed for a short time after we close to make sure everything is shut down and stored in an orderly manner. Our landlord has been notified and our lease will cease at the end of August. We will continue to exist as a charity until near the end of 2019.

In order to allow time to wrap up our books, we will no longer issue receipts for any donations received going forward. Most donations, other than straggling baby bottles will be refused. However, please note that you will receive a receipt for all donations up to this point.

You are probably asking, "why?" In the end, it came down to a lack of manpower.

Of course, we had several other major challenges. As always in a small organization like ours, there is never "enough" money. There was also the constant struggle to make sure clients who could benefit from our ministry knew we existed. Given the changing culture, this was continually getting harder and harder. However, we were working hard to meet these challenges and they didn't really factor into the final analysis. The budget committee reported that although we didn't have as much money as we may have wanted we had sufficient reserves to keep going at least until the end of the year. And regarding clients, although we always desired to be more effective, the board meeting began with the happy report that one of our clients has just given birth to a baby boy!

All that said, even with resources and a mission, without people, it is impossible to complete that mission no matter how critical. Our ED reported that several volunteers have had to step back from active involvement due to personal reasons. Volunteer numbers are now so low that it is very difficult or impossible to keep the doors open as there must be two people in the office at all times for legal and safety reasons. Additionally, Crystal, our ED, recently notified the board that she would resign effective once we found her replacement. Finally, our board Treasurer resigned, for personal reasons, leaving us with only two directors and no Treasurer. The two of us who are left are very near the end of our terms and burned out. Legally, we need at least 3 directors and one must be willing to serve as Treasurer.

It was that last point that really forced our hand. We knew this day was coming and in the months leading up to now, we did our best to find and recruit new board members with vision and calling. Many, many, godly people carefully and prayerfully considered taking up this cause. However, every single one of them, in the end, gave the answer "not now, maybe one day".

I have described this decision as "no alternative" and "forced our hand". Although these are true and accurate descriptions of the situation, they are not the whole story. It was the unanimous opinion of the board and staff, that it is, in fact, God who wants us to close, at least in our current configuration. However, we are doing so in a way that should maximize the possibility that another group with a fresh vision and full of passion can take over and start something new. This is our hope.

We hope that you are as disturbed by this news as we are. We hope that God gives you and several of your friends, family, and church members a passion to see this ministry reborn. We hope that you are able to cast a fresh vision and come up with a workable plan.

After we shut down we expect to continue to exist as a charity until near the end of 2019 at which point we will legally dissolve. At that point, any remaining funds will be distributed to a similar ministry as per our constitution.

If before then a group of individuals, a church, or another organization wants to take over this ministry please contact me at jeff@paetkau.ca or 778.349.1544! We would love to work with you to turn over whatever assets and resources remain after the shutdown process. However, the sooner this happens the better. July 2019 is the latest we could start working on making this happen.

This is an important ministry that our city needs! Our culture lies, telling many women they have no choice except abortion. We must combat the lie with the truth. You do have a choice, you can choose life, and no matter what you choose God's people will be there to love you and support you.

Please make this happen. We've done what we can. Church it's up to you now.

Jeff Paetkau
President PGPCC


PS: You can download a copy of our final newsletter.